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Wei-Ting Lin
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I was born in Taiwan. Since I moved to Canada when I was quite young, I speak English fluently, although my Chinese has suffered dramatically. I'm random and pretty weird at times. I love dark chocolate, red roses are my absolute favourite, and I'm easily entertained. :D I also like gaming in random genres like horror-themed survival titles (e.g. FEAR), and also puzzle games (e.g. Portal) ~ So far, I alternate between using my Nikon D5000 and my Panasonic GF1 :love: The lenses I own so far are: Nikkor 18-55mm, 55-200mm, 105mm, 52mm, and the Panasonic 14mm pancake lens! :)

Currently, I'm a full-time student studying for a Criminology Major (no minor, I don't think). Photography is also a great interest of mine, but I'm still an amateur, hehe. In the future, I hope to go into pastry.. maybe open up my own cake shop one day, who knows?

I don't want to be rich or famous, that's not what I aim for. I just want to do what I want to do in life. You only live once, so I figured.. you might as well live it how you want it instead of how others want you to live. Who the hell cares what everyone else thinks, right? (I know, I know, it's easily said than done.)

Anyway, if you have time, and/or the money, please consider helping me by purchasing a print or two ;)
If not, I'll still love you forever, don't worry, ahaha. Enjoy! :iconrainbowsheep2:
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Mreow. Hi everyone!!

I've recently been super busy because.. well we've just adopted a new kitten! His name is Charlie, and he's an orange tabby with a white belly and paws. SUPER adorable. Currently, he's still kind of frightened and getting used to the new place, so I can't exactly shove a pair of lens in his face right now for a decent photo. Once he gets settled down some more, I will definitely post a photo or two of him with my phone camera (something that won't scare him as much). He's actually such a sweetie pie, just very nervous of the new sounds and smells of this place. Also, our current cat, Pepper, scared him right as he first arrived, so that may have instilled some initial fear into him for now :/  He meows frequently throughout the night and day, but he's starting to sleep more now (which is good?). I've also gotten him to eat treats from my hand, and he's okay with me petting him slowly now! I consider this a huge improvement, especially after 3 days of having him here, since the first 2 days, all he did was hiss at me when I slowly opened his room. I think it helps that we keep him in the pantry since he can get used to random sounds with cooking easier.

Currently, he has ear mites (or an ear infection?), and he needs to go see a vet in the next few days so he can get that sorted out. We're planning on washing and disinfecting the pantry before we put him back into his space. He's not allowed to wander around right now, though, since the mites could spread to Pepper (which sucks but it's what we have to do). I'm just worried about how his reaction would be when we take him to the vet.. I hope he can remain calm throughout the entire process.

Truthfully, I am having second doubts about owning a cat on my own. This is due to a few reasons.. 1. I'm worried about how Pepper can accept (or not accept) him, 2. I'm worried that I am unfit to take care of a pet and just want him to live a good life, 3. I don't necessarily have a stable living place (since we're planning on selling this place later), but I guess he should be calmed down by then so moving shouldn't be an issue for our cats. I don't know.. I feel uneasy.... as if someone else could provide better for him. My boyfriend, Cookie, keeps on reminding me that it has only been 3-4 days now, and he has already calmed down a lot. Also, that this process usually ranges from a few weeks to a few months (or even a year) for a new cat to fully integrate itself into another family who also has a cat. Charlie seems alright with Pepper's scent (he's laid on her blanket already), but I'm not so sure about Pepper's acceptance of his smell. It's different with cats. They're not like people, and without proper human intervention to introduce them slowly, they may never get along.


Basically, for those who're thinking of getting another cat, here's what you should do (from what I have read online). Bring the kitten in a new carrying pet case and place the bag in a small room that has already been prepared with water, food, bed, toys (without catnip), a scratching post, and a litter box. Don't force the cat out, but open the bag so they can climb out when they feel comfortable to. Make sure there are no wires or cords or small things the cat can chew or choke on. Make sure you close the door. Let your cats sniff each other through the door. Don't let them see each other yet until they've shown good behaviour (e.g. no hissing or growling at the door) to each other's scents. After a week or two, rub a sock for each of the cats and let them smell it. If they hiss at it, then it just means that they are not ready to meet each other yet and you need to wait longer. When you want to introduce the cats, you can do this by placing them in their carrying cases and slowly move them closer to each other. If they hiss at each other, move them apart. Another way is also to just let them interact in the same room with constant supervision. Hissing is fine and normal, but if their ears bend down and their tails start to sway, it means a fight is about to go down and you should have a water spray bottle handy to break it apart. Never try to break the fight by yourself with your hands or body, you will get hurt. If one cat wants to go out, let them. Don't force them to get along. A happy or curious cat is when their tails are high and their ears normal and perked up. Usually, the best combo in this situation is an older cat and a kitten of the opposite gender.

... *phew*   It helps to type this all out. I feel like there is more of a structure to this procedure. I don't want to give Charlie up, but I guess I have just never faced rejection so many times from an animal before (or another person, to be honest). It really hurts and makes me want to move on, but I know that I should just be more realistic and more patient..

:iconmiseryplz: :icongivingupplz: :icononionfailplz:

I'll keep you all updated on Charlie and Pepper's progress :)  Thanks for reading the ramblings of a worried mother.

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